To Winter Villa Paraiso

To Winter in our Paradise for a low price is possible! If it is sunny, you can sunbathe in bikini or nude outdoors all year round. I will first explain the weather because the weather you see on the news works differently here than in the UK, for example, if you see 15c or 18c this is an average temperature for Algarve, in the morning and evening it is fresh or even cold in Algarve but between 11am and 4pm the feeling temperature can be 22c to 25c. If in the UK there is an image with clouds with rain, it is usually cloudy and rains all day, here in Algarve 10 minutes or nothing because we are located near the sea. To understand the weather here is actually very simple, it goes from autumn directly to spring, you cannot really speak of a winter, there are always flowering plants and the lambs are already born here in Dec. The sun is 2 to 3 times stronger as in UK, which means also that if it is a cloudy day, it is also drizzly weather. Take the warm jacuzzi, massage options and the beautiful beaches that are not bu sy and you don't want to leave. 
15 Nov to 15 March, Cheap Hibernation! includes breakfast:
Room No. 2, 3 or 4 for 50, - per night or 250, - per week, or 750, - per month.
Master suite No. 1 with private living room and kitchenette 70, - per night, 350, - per week, or 950, - per month
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We also offer Massage options for women, 30, - or in winter time 5 for 100, -
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This is how winter looks in Algarve!