Tantra Massage only For Woman

Massages are only available for our female guests in 2019 all massage prices are 30,- 

Dont worry we are a normal B&B but Tantra massages are popular and only a option you dont have to take it! I give these massages since 2010 and a erotic Tantra massage is given on mattresses on the floor and it is a very gentle sensual relaxation massage with lot of oil, and includes at the end also all your intimate parts of your body, they are massaged also and makes your sexual energy (or kundalini life energy) awakening and discharged. The energy that is released can connect the chakras for a total ecstatic experience, especially if you can totally surrender to the pleasure of the massage yourself. Many people experience the touch and nurturing as very healing, the soft and slow caresses gives you more contact with your body, you come closer to your feelings and you can expand your mind and your experience reactions of your body that you might not knew. It is usually that the giver is also naked, just like you during the erotic massage. This means more than just pleasant to work, it is also important to be on the same level with the client, but remember it's all about you in this massage not about the masseur, you decide how far you want to go. The aim of a Yoni massage at the end is not working towards a orgasm though it can certainly play a pleasant and welcome supporting role, the energy in this erotic tantra based massages enables women to intensify their orgasm.

By going in to this challenge and if you dare to enjoy this free spirit massage it gives you hugely satisfying feeling and you are a great experience richer. A erotic massage it’s for women who know what they want, and can let everything go, you are allowed to completely surrender to your feelings and desires during the massage, feel free to make noise or get more interactive with the masseur, it helps to read your body language and response to that, if you don’t move and don’t make noise the masseur don’t know what you like or don’t like. 

I respect anyone, our clients are old and young thick and thin, you do not need to be ashamed for your body, If you noticed white spots on Rolands body he has sins the age of 26 vitiligo a innocent pigment disorder. Do not drink and eat too much before the massage, and make sure you went to the toilet before, the yoni shaved is a plus, it makes it a lot easier to massage. I show you the massage room where you have to go, the warm oil, candlelight and relaxing music waiting for you...you use your bathrobe in your room or undress yourself in the massage room, you lie down on your belly and the rest goes by itself. The massage itself takes about 90-120 minutes, we hope to welcome you soon, and you can always contact me with your questions!.

I use olive oil, please take a shower after the massage before jumping in the pool of jacuzzi! For several reasons there is no other audience allowed to join the massage!

Masseur Roland: (For Woman only, on massage floor or Table) Tantra based Erotic Relaxing Massage 60 min. Euro 30,-
I hope to see you soon Roland