Nude - Beaches

Villa Paraiso is located along the most beautiful beaches of the Algarve! would you like to sunbathe undisturbed on nude beaches or dressed beaches its all there. 2.4 Km further you will find one of the typical beaches for which the Algarve is famous for, Cova Redonda is a strip of barely 150m fine sand, delicious protected from the wind by the rough eroded sand cliffs which reaching high out above the sea. Or choose one of the nearby other small beaches in the bays at the foot of the jagged cliffs, such as Praiha dos Bejinhos with the rocks in the sea. So there are 5 beaches within 2.5 miles of Villa Paraiso, also one of the beaches below the Chapel of Senhora da Rocha is nice, large and quiet.
The endless sandy beach of Armação de Pera is also just 5Km road, this beach slopes gradually into the sea and you can also go for endless hiking, here also lies the lagoon where you can observe a lot of migratory birds. Not officially but on a large piece of beach like in more places in the Algarve you can also created nude, useful if you want to have a streak-free tan or want to swim like in the movie Blue Lagoon.
Only at 5 Km you will find one of the best known beaches Marinha Beach!, It's fairly recently voted one of the 40 most beautiful beaches in the world. Nearby you will find more small beaches. Actually you can go from the first beach which is near our coastline follow the track and discover all the beach yourself, it is also a very nice area for walking, with many gated sinkholes in the ground where the sea has found her way to, at the beach in Albandeira you can have a rest, eat a pizza and drink sangria or other drinks, walk to the right of the bar on the cliffs because here it is great to take pictures.
On the west coast, you'll find unspoiled nature, with nude beaches overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and they are very popular with surfers. Are you going to the east in the Algarve, passing Faro, then you find the elongated dunes islands off the coast, you can get here only by boat or water taxi, here even survives one of the world's largest colonies of sea horses. With over 200 km of coastline and dozens of beaches with official recognition using the European Blue Flag, the Algarve offers something for everyone. 
Top 10 Nude Beaches
Meia Praia in Lagos close to the natural bay Ria de Alvor, on the end of the beach naturism is allowed.
Praia das Adegas official nude beaches in the Algarve since 2004, the beach is located on the west coast in Odeceixe.
Praia da Bordeira amazing beach on the west coast where nudism is tolerated, located near the town of Carrapateira. 
Praia do Beliche a beach surrounded by impressive cliffs near the town of Sagres.
Praia do Canavial near Lagos is stunning but not an official nude beach, naturism is allowed but not easily accessible
Praia do Homem Nu is an official nude beach in the Algarve since 1996, It is located on the southwestern end of Ilha de Tavira
Praia do Zavial at Vila do Bispo nude sunbathing is tolerated on the eastern section of the beach.
Praia das Furnas is a small beach in the municipality of Vila do Bispo, the beachhas several caves to explore.
Praia Grande is only 4 km from Villa Paraiso located between Armacao de Pera and Praia dos Salgados.
Ilha Deserta literally translates as Deserted Island, there lives nobody, Its near Faro and only to reach by boat.