Naturism Optional

Relax and enjoy your holiday for body and soul in our exclusive B&B Villa Paraiso in Algarve, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the sun, large Jacuzzi pool and the tropical garden with or without swimwear, who would not want to get a stripeless tan! Only outside in the garden is clothing optional, that means nude sunbathing and nude swimming or in the Jacuzzi is normal, if you prefer to wear your bathing suit, that's fine too! All our customers, including dressed guests know this and have no trouble exposing it, so just like the owners, throw everything out when there are dressed guests, at least 80% of our customers sunbathe nude, only in high season this percentage is around 50%. This option also offers opportunities for people who want to try it carefully, and to get used to it. Turn a towel on at the shared terraces and in the Villa, topless is no problem in the villa.

Most regular geusts know that Roland is also a wellknown Tantra LomiLomi masseur only for woman, because of back problems Lomilomi massages are not available anymore in 2020 but in Okt you still can book! 30,-