Wellness or Photoshoot

Only for our guests, Naturist Massages, Jacuzzi, relax and enjoy your holiday for body and soul in our exclusive B&B Villa Paraiso in Algarve, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the sun, Jacuzzi large swimming pool and the tropical garden with or without swimwear. Open minded yes, but we are NOT a swingers resort! No sex in jacuzzi or garden!
Massages only for women!
Roland has been known for years with special massages only for women, from America till Australia, guests came back specially for him because he makes everyone feel equal and comfortable, thick or thin, 20 or 80 years old. Erotic massages mean much more than most people think, sometimes a woman or their husband have a sexual problem, or their relation ship needs a boost, so its not always an erotic party, I often see myself as a healer who helps other people. Roland has vitiligo, its not a disease but a innocent pigment disorder what results in white spots or areas. So if you also have Vitiligo you can feel comfortable.
Sensual Lomilomi Massage on the table 30, - (Sensual without erotic zones) Only for women!. Roland's own LomiLomi-based creation with a lot of oil, very popular since 2013, very relaxing, healing, relieves muscle pain, stimulates circulation and improves the elimination of toxins. But mainly intended to boost your feelings, it fills a lack and releases unknown feelings.Under the massage I also work on your kundalini (life energy) that runs through your spine, this also runs through your central nervous system so you better understand that I can do something here activate and balance, you will notice this soon enough. Also, I only work with chakras that I believe in and what I can do with, that means with your heart chakra and your sacral and root chakra to bring your heart and sexual feelings back into balance.
Tantra Massage on the table 30, - (Sensual with erotic zones) Only for women.
A totally relaxing massage with a lot of oil, including your erogenous zones, normally a Tantra massage includes body to body on a mattress, but many women, especially the novice, prefer some distance with the masseur. Here too I work with your kundalini and chakras, very relaxing, yoni massages, healing, relieves muscle pain, stimulates blood circulation and improves the elimination of toxins, fulfills needs. Intended to give your relationship or feelings a big boost, it fills a gap and unleashes unprecedented feelings that you can also express.
How does a massage work.
You make an appointment with me orally or via WhatsApp, and you come to the massage room, where dim light, candles, music and warm oil await you. We briefly discuss your wishes because every woman is different! and you will enjoy your massage. Both massages are given with a lot of oil, masseur Roland and client are both naked, For optimal effect it is important to keep your head empty and that you can be yourself, that means the clock is not looked after, it takes as long as we need, so you don't have to think about anything, you can just be yourself. 

Naturism Optional

Relax and enjoy your holiday for body and soul in our exclusive B&B Villa Paraiso in Algarve, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the sun, large Jacuzzi pool and the tropical garden with or without swimwear, who would not want to get a stripeless tan! Only outside in the garden is clothing optional, that means nude sunbathing and nude swimming or in the Jacuzzi is normal, if you prefer to wear your bathing suit, that's fine too! All our customers, including dressed guests know this and have no trouble exposing it, so just like the owners, throw everything out when there are dressed guests, at least 80% of our customers sunbathe nude, only in high season this percentage is lower. This option also offers opportunities for people who not want to jump directly in the deep and want to try it slowly and get used to it. Turn a towel on, at the shared terraces and in the Villa, topless is no problem in the villa. If you are interested in a Nude photoshoot along the beaches of Algarve for 300,- contact me. See more of my work at www.RolandSmeets.com


Villa Paraiso

Estrada de Armacao de Pera M530-1
Lagoa - Porches
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