Wellness, Swimming, Sunbathing, Massages

Massages are only for our guest who stay at our Bed and Breakfast. Enjoy your freedom outside around the pool its Clothing Optional, All the clients who book here know its mixed, so feel comfortable to go nude or not, the owners go nude also. To respect dressed guests where a towel or sarong in the Villa or shared terrace. Because of soap in bathing suites and the hot water it’s better to use the Jacuzzi nude if you really shy you also can leave your bathing suit on, just feel comfortable and free and just relax! You can walk around topless everywhere.On the close by located Beach Praia Grande is also a large nude area, and in the low season there are hidden beaches where you can sunbathe nude. 

Massage options from Roland are only for Women, experience since 2010.
You can make an appointment by just asking me, or send me a email or use messenger or whatsapp +31641283897 I never watch the clock so massages can be shorter or longer take all the time you need, all the massages are with lots of oil. I you notice white spots on me, I have vitiligo a innocent pigment disorder.
Lomi Lomi Massage, very relaxing massage from Hawaii 45 min on Table. € 30,-
On Massage table, you are nude or you keep your string on if you feel not comfortable. totally nude  enables the therapist to slide his hands and arms under and around your body using massage techniques unique to this form of therapy.
LomiTantra Massage, very relaxing sensual massages 45 min on Table. € 30,-
Rolands own invention and very populair. Its a total relaxing massage for open minded people awakes your kundalini and balance your chakras, it is combined with yoni massage. Advised for woman who want to explore Tantra, but want to keep some distance. It helps to feel total relaxed, feeling happy alive and wanted again, and it even stimulates your relation ship.
Tantra massage, spiritual erotic massages, 60 min. €30,-
Relaxes the total body, unstressed the mind, it improves your relationship, feel reborn with a happy mood. On Massage floor, both nude, includes body to body massage, surrender to your feelings and desires during the massage, open up and be yourself, it helps to read your body language and response to that, if you don’t move and don’t make noise the masseur don’t know what you like or don’t like.
Because we give open minded massages, having Adults Only and Naturism, some people get the wrong ideas, we are a normal resort, so sexual activities in the garden, Jacuzzi etc are forbidden, so dont hesitate to book your dream holliday.

I like to give you attention, Roland