Wellness Villa Paraiso

Wellness is a extra option and service of Villa Paraiso, massages are only available for guests. and cost 30,- each.

*There are only adults at Villa Paraiso at the pool its clothing optional, that means nude sunbathing and nude swimming is allowed, but you can keep your swim suite on also. We are not a nudist resort!, just open minded. On the close by located Beach Praia Grande is also a large nude area, and in the low season there are hidden beaches where you can sunbathe nude. 

Masseur Roland: (For Woman only, on massage table) 

Sensual Lomi Lomi Massage: A very relaxing Exotic Hawaiian massage with long flowing strokes that go from head to toe in a continuous movement along the whole side of your body therefore you are normally nude, minimum no breast covering but you can leave your briefs-bikini slip on if you prefer!.

Masseur Roland: (For Woman only, on massage floor)
Tantra Massage:
Awaken the fire and your kundalini in your body with this populair massage. Enjoy a complete body massage with also your erogenous parts and let yourself go. 

I like to give you attention, Roland