Do you like nude yoga, or a relaxing Massage, in Porches at 600mtr we have Thai massage In Armacao de Pera we have Estetica Saphira with very good reviews by appointment only +351925024424

Only women can book a wanted Sensual Lomilomi in B&B Villa Paraiso with the owner Roland. This massage is given on a table and my own creation and no where else available! It is given with lots of oil, client and masseur Roland are both nude. Roland was worldwide known also for his Tantra massages, but this massage is based on lomilomi with Tantra kundalini and chakra influence. Lomilomi goes with long strokes and lots of oil also underneath your body. The Tantra influence is stimulating your Kundalini what is your life energy what flows trough your spine, while there are several chakra's i only work with the hearth and sacraal chakra also called the sexual chakra the center of sexuality, emotion, stimulation, pleasure, movement & nurturing. Normal functioning persons will notice these feelings under the massage thats why it is called a sensual massage, in basic it is not a sexual massage, the client is always in control what she likes or dont like! The fluid movements wich also go under your body, gives you a feeling of floating on waves. Unfortunately because of this and to spare my back, this massage is not suitable for women who have lots of overweight, you must take into account a maximum of 80 kilos. Duration about 30-45 minutes. Euro 20,- 
Contact Roland whatsapp +31641283897 or Email
The owner and your masseur Roland Smeets

Naturism Optional

Relax and enjoy your holiday for body and soul in our exclusive B&B Villa Paraiso in Algarve, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the sun, large Jacuzzi pool and the tropical garden with or without swimwear, who would not want to get a stripeless tan! Only outside in the garden is clothing optional, that means nude sunbathing and nude swimming or in the Jacuzzi is normal, if you prefer to wear your bathing suit, that's fine too! All our customers, including dressed guests know this and have no trouble exposing it, so just like the owners, throw everything out when there are dressed guests, at least 80% of our customers sunbathe nude, only in high season this percentage is lower. This option also offers opportunities for people who not want to jump directly in the deep and want to try it slowly and get used to it. Turn a towel on, at the shared terraces and in the Villa, topless is no problem in the villa. Often people practise Yoga in our garden sometimes the Villa is completed rented for Yoga groups, we have now artificial grass in the garden so yoga practise can also be done outside in winter without getting dirty. Nude Yoga is allowed here, Freedom of your body and soul and relaxiation are the key words of Villa Paraiso but all in a decent way.