Nude Photoshoot

Always wanted to have a sensual, nude or erotic photography photoshoot of yourself, single or as a couple, Roland is a well-known wildlife photographer but he is also known in erotic photography and film. Are you interested in a photo shoot or video please contact me, for photo shoots I only work outside in nature on the beaches of Algarve, you can choose lingerie, nude or explicit, as a single or couple, I am also a well-known Tantra masseur I am very open-minded and nothing is strange to me. A photo shoot incl. All expenses such as driving to location, photo processing etc costs 300, - and lasts as long as necessary, this can take 2 or 4 hours, you will receive about 20 photos after photo processing. see more at

A photoshoot video is about the same as a photoshoot, but with moving images that can also be converted into slow motion, you can also optain for an erotic single, or couple video, a video including post processing costs 300, - every 15 minutes. Having a nude photo or video clip made is an exciting and unique experience. Feel free to mail me any questions! Roland